Please know the right way to keep 
                       and train animals

We can find a sign "No animals allowed" everywhere in Japan:

in housing development public facilities,supermarket,

restaurant,transportation,and so on.

It indicates that pet owners don't have good manner 

in Japan and,at the same time,

it comes out that Japanese society don't understand 

about companion animals.

Barking to no purpose, biting, mischief(in the old days),

fallen hair,stench,feces and urine,all society problems

about animals result from that Japanese society

don't understand about companion animals,

and animal owners have no manners,

They are not animals fault.

Please learn from special book or journal about their habit, 


training before you start to keep the animals.

These are minimum essential knowledge as animal owner.

In case of dogs, you join training lesson together,

make them have well-mannered and 

you should train them to have good relationship

with their own family and neighbor or another dogs.

Of course, you must strictly observe the routine manners 

the owner should keep: disposal of droppings, 

brushing to prevent from stench or fallen hair.

We must contrive to not make public place dirty.

We try to not be talked anybody 

"Dogs and cats make city dirty"

Someday, we'll keep our city clean 

and comfortable with animals.