The house dogs should be registered 
    by all means and we should let a dog 
         loose when we keep them outside

A self-governing public and health center or the animal

concentration camp enforce to catch homeless dogs,

to take charge of animals which their owners cannot keep, 

detention,disposal based on the law 

and municipal regulation.

In some case, 

They carry out to return to their each owner 

or to hand over to foster parents.

Some self-governing bodies carry out sell them down to 

a institution for animal experiment.

Even if dogs had on their collar, 

it would become an object of detention and disposal 

when they were wandering somewhere.

You usually don't let your dog loose, but sometimes, 

they may cause an unexpected behavior.

For example, the dogs run out of the house suddenly 

when they are startled at a thunder.

The male dogs wander to search after

female in their mating season and, 

they become to be lost dogs by 


If you had lost your dog like this 

when your dog identity was established, 

it would be able to return to you.