You must keep cat indoor and 
       Put them a collar with a name plate

Almost all of the cause of cat's death are traffic accidents.

A lot of cats which let them loose meet 

with a car accidents and, die a unnatural death.

And,there is much possibility of their catching contagious 

disease, getting involved in fight with another cats.

Besides, "Their droppings smell" "Their call is too noisy" 

"They forage for garbage" "They do damage to hedge"

These are cause of trouble with neighbor and, 

they may be ill-treated by someone out of owner's hearing.

So you should keep cat indoor to prevent from 

many trouble like that.

And you should put your cat on a name plate written 

about their name and information in the collar.

In case, cats has gone the moment a door opened 

accidentally,or they have got loose from hospital,

or they have gone in your removals just in case,

if your cat has a name plate, 

you could get a information about your cat when 

they are taken.

Some people think that it's cruel for cats to keep indoor but, 

it is wrong.  

Cats have the habit to catch their prey ambushing, 

so they don't roam here and there by nature.

You give indoor life to them when they come to your house 

for the first time, 

and "my territory is in a house" they think.

They don't want to go out conversely.

If only you give a bed of safety, 

food and a place for droppings to them,

so cats feel very happy.