You cannot take responsibility 
   for keeping animals till their last moment, 
        you should not have them.

"We have to move" 

"We can't find a foster parents for babies" 

"Our pets got sick" "One of a family got sick" 

"We were complained from our neighbor" "They're noisy" 

"They bite" "They have fiery temper" "They grew too big" 

"Our pets hasn't looked pretty" 

"We have lost interest in our pets" 

A lot of abandoned animals aren't decreasing yet 

because human-being is too selfish.

Whether you like it or not, 

if you can't keep your pet anymore, 

you should find a new owner for your pet.
For example, you look for a person who can keep your pet 

instead of you, 

you make handbills to look for a foster parents and 

paste in a veterinary hospital, pet shop and your town,

ask the newspaper to carry 

"HELP WANTED" for a foster parents.

In case you have to give up your pet at once, 

please look for a person who is kind enough to look 

after your pet for a while. In the case of trouble, 

You try to consult the Society for the Prevention of 

Cruelty to Animals(from now on SPCA).

You should make sure whether your new address is 

allowed to live with your pet in it,

when you are going to move with your pet.

You rack your brain seriously, 

do your best and you'll find a clue to clear up this problem.

Whatever happens, 

don't desert them or take only the one life of your family 

on the earth to the animal concentration camp.

Before that, you aren't determined to live with your pet 

as one of your family till their last, whatever happens, 

you should not have the animals.

Please talk to yourself before you have the animals,

"I'm suited for having the animals or not"