Saving the animals from crimes 
          "disposal" "ill-treatment"

To dispose animals 

or to treat them cruelly is a criminal act.

It's against the law. 

Of course,we ourselves should observe the law,  

if you happen to see such a scene, 

you talk with the person concerned directly, 

report it to the police or SPCA, 

consult the public center or a person in charge 

of the prevention of cruelty to animals in the public office, 

ask the person concerned through a lawyer, 

charge it to the public prosecutor's office.

You should try all possible means to save the animals 

in their place, because they don't have words to accuse it.

Please being a foster parents 
         for accommodated animals.

Most of the animal concentration camp in the self-governing 

body hand over generally before they kill the animals.

Please ask the public center in the nearest 

when you want to have the animals 

and be a foster parents for them in the camp or SPCA.

Please save the unhappy lives as many as you can.